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Cincinnati electric and gas aggregation bids due by March 27

CINCINNATI— In February, Cincinnati City Councilmembers unanimously passed a motion directing the city administration to include 100% renewable power as a part of the city’s request for proposals for residential and small business electric and gas contracts. The request was sent to all qualified electric and gas providers in the Duke Energy Ohio service territory and are due back by March 27 at 4 p.m. City Manager Milton Dohoney has the final say on which contract is signed.

There are three “products” the City will accept bids on for electric contracts:

1. Conventional Retail Electric Service

This product is based upon the cheapest price possible, regardless of the source of the energy.

2. Green

This product would be backed by 100% matching Renewable Energy Certificates for all of the energy provided.

3. Alternative Green

This is a variation of product #2, but would be a Renewable Energy Certificate commitment of less than 100% but greater than 12.5%, the current required renewable energy resource mix under Ohio law.

— Rachael Belz, Coal program organizer, Ohio Citizen Action

Link to full request