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Clean energy advocates on guard for lame duck legislation in Ohio

This year’s session follows a report from PJM that some fear could be used to justify coal and nuclear subsidies

West facade of the Ohio Statehouse. Credit: Wikipedia

COLUMBUS — “Clean energy advocates say Ohio lawmakers should not try to use a new report from grid operator PJM to pass subsidies for aging coal or nuclear power plants during the lame duck session after Election Day.

…The report looked at more than 300 possible scenarios. For at least the next five years, the PJM grid would remain reliable “even in an extreme scenario, such as an extended period of severe weather combined with high customer demand and a fuel supply disruption,” the report says.

If anything, PJM’s November 1 report ‘once again destroys the key argument of bailout seekers, showing that uneconomic coal and nuclear generators are simply not needed,’ said Dick Munson, director of Midwest clean energy for the Environmental Defense Fund.

Beyond five years, the report found there might be concerns in the event of an extended cold period with other factors in “extreme but plausible” scenarios. However, PJM did not calculate the likelihood of those scenarios, nor did it explain how adding new electricity resources would affect the risks.”

— Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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