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Clean energy is seeing explosive job growth, don’t let budget kill it

The Brazos Wind Farm, also known as the Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm, near Fluvanna, Texas. (Wikimedia Commons)

WASHINGTON, DC — “Multiple news outlets have reported that the federal budget President Donald Trump plans to submit to Congress Thursday will gut or even eliminate two principal Department of Energy research efforts fueling a renewable energy revolution in the United States. That would be an enormous mistake.

Whatever else the Republican Party and the Trump White House thinks about the problem of Earth’s changing climate system, the clean energy sector is now creating new jobs faster than almost any other sector in the American economy. That’s an inescapable fact – one that is supported by GOP and Democratic voters alike.

ARPA-E (the Energy Department research arm) and EERE (the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office at DOE) are two signature scientific research programs that have been the tip of the spear for innovation in a brand new jobs sector. The reason why these two DOE offices are expected to be targets in the federal budget is they have been the primary scientific research arms at the federal level behind innovative renewable energy research. Senior aides have signaled for weeks that they intend to take broad aim at climate and clean energy programs in federal agencies that were prominent during the Obama administration, which these were.”

— Jeff Nesbit, U.S. News

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