Cleveland Incinerator

Cleveland City Council authorizes city to hire new consultant, solicit ideas for handling trash

CLEVELAND — “Less than two weeks after Cleveland fired its consultant responsible for designing a proposed trash-to-electricity plant, city council approved spending $200,000 for a new consultant, who administrators promise will help the city ‘hit the reset button’ on the controversial project.

In a 15-2 vote Monday night, council authorized the city to seek and hire a consultant to review new proposals on how best to manage the city’s trash, with an eye toward potentially parlaying any waste that cannot be recycled into an alternative fuel source for city-owned Cleveland Public Power.

…But some council members say the pending air emissions permit and the fact that Cleveland Public Power Commissioner Ivan Henderson will receive all of the proposals before the consultant does, are signs that the administration is wedded to the gasifier model and is not as open-minded as it claims”

— Leila Atassi, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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