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Cleveland revives proposal for $180 million trash-to-energy project

CLEVELAND — “Critics of Cleveland’s proposed trash-to-electricity plant thought it was a dead idea Thursday afternoon, but city officials countered by saying they have found a way to lower emissions and are hoping for Ohio EPA approval.

The critics based their belief on a letter from the U.S. EPA in Chicago, criticizing the city’s standards and urging the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate the plan. U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummins made the letter public at a midafternoon news conference.

But Ken Silliman, chief of staff for Mayor Frank Jackson, said during a meeting with The Plain Dealer editorial board that the U.S. EPA’s views were based on outdated data. Maureen Harper, the city’s chief of communications, said that as long as the plant is determined to be a ‘synthetic minor’ — that is, a minor producer of pollution that falls below a certain threshold — then the state agency has control. She said the U.S. EPA’s letter was intended only as a comment.

Harper said the city is confident that its revised plans, which include raising the smoke stack from 175 feet to 200 feet to disperse the material over a wider area, will meet the lower standard. But she said that if the plant is still determined to be a major producer, then the more stringent federal standards would apply.”

— James Ewinger, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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