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Cleveland to host informational meeting on trash, still pursuing waste-to-energy permit

incinerator_green_smCLEVELAND — “Then, last month, city-hired consultants concluded that the facility would be too costly to build and operate and could eventually drive up rates for CPP customers. The consultant suggested recycling, composting and anaerobic digestion, a process that escalates decomposition of organic trash, as the most affordable and environmentally-friendly options.

But to the astonishment of some City Council members and City Hall observers, members of the Jackson administration said that the city still would seek permission from the OEPA to build a gasification plant.

Maureen Harper, chief of communications for Jackson, said seeing the permit process through makes sense given the city’s earlier investments in the idea and the possible, though unlikely, chance that changes in the energy market and cost of construction would make the project affordable.

A settlement agreement with fired consultant Peter Tien, who worked on the air emission permit application, also requires the city to show a ‘good faith effort’ to obtain the permit or pay him half of his $1.5 million contract.”

— Leila Atassi, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Community meeting Wednesday to talk trash

— Maureen Harper, City of Cleveland