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Cleveland’s recycling goal is too low

Cuyahoga County recycling rates, from Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District's 2010 annual report.

CLEVELAND – The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District tracks how much garbage gets thrown away every year, including what goes to landfills and what gets composted or recycled. The most recent year reported is 2010. The county as a whole recycled 27.93% of its waste. The City of Cleveland recycled just 11.23% of its waste.

The City of Cleveland has set a goal of recycling “up to 25%” of its garbage, as part of its plan to build a new incinerator. In 2010, 38 of the 59, or 64% of communities in Cuyahoga County recycled more than that. Cities surrounding Cleveland have much better recycling rates: Lakewood – 48.02%, Independence – 56.64%, Lyndhurst – 47.25, and Solon – 42.11%, show that greater Cleveland can recycle much of their waste. Cleveland should follow their lead.

— Nathan Rutz, Cleveland campaign organizer, Ohio Citizen Action

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