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Climate change impacts report presents risks, opportunities for Ohio

Clean energy advocates hope the increased threats highlighted in the federal report will push the state to embrace climate action

The Ohio River runs through Cincinnati. Photo by Johannes Plenio / Creative Commons

COLUMBUS — “Clean energy advocates say last month’s federal report on climate change underscores the need for action in Ohio, which faces increased risks from flooding, heat and pollution, according to the report.

‘There is dire certainty if we do not act on climate: loss of clean energy investment to other states in our region, increasing pressure on agriculture, and warmer, wetter weather that makes toxic algal blooms worse,’ said Frank Szollosi, Great Lakes climate policy director for the National Wildlife Federation.

Meanwhile, there is massive economic opportunity for Ohio if it embraces climate action through policies for more clean energy, Szollosi said. The energy sector will play a big role in how severe climate impacts will be.”

— Kathiann M. Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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