Air Quality / Renewable Energy

Cloudy with a Chance of Soot

The US Bureau of Labor predicts clean energy to be one of the fastest growing jobs in the next 10 years. Ohio’s landscape could allow them to be part of this economic boom.

CLEVELAND — “[Stephen Gabor of Ohio Citizen Action] says the argument of needing to cut regulations to create jobs doesn’t hold water. ‘This whole thing about environmental responsibility vs jobs is really an outdated argument at this point. The renewable energy industry is actually one of the most fruitful places and fertile places for job growth, not just in Ohio but throughout the United States.’ He explained. ‘We should actually be giving incentives to companies to be coming in here to promote that economic growth and those jobs.’

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts solar and wind turbine technicians as the fastest growing job sector in the next 10 years, exceeding growth in nursing and software development. Gabor says Ohio was once one of the leaders in wind energy investments, but that growth stopped in 2014 after an amendment to the budget increased the distance turbines must be from property lines.

Ohio is not one of the states suing the EPA, and Gabor says he’s not surprised. Ohio still gets about half its energy from coal, and these rollbacks are more in line with that vision than one of clean energy.”

— Alicia Krynock, Kent State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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