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Coal plants’ loss will hurt Ohio: editorial

CLEVELAND — “The EPA should be more deliberative in rolling out regulations that disproportionately affect coal states, with adjustment assistance to the communities most affected.

The EPA’s draft rules on the temperature of water discharges by power plants are expected by the end of the summer, with final rules on fly ash and cinders by the end of the year, said Ray Evans, director of FirstEnergy’s environmental department. FirstEnergy officials said the company is looking at whether other plants will have to be shut down, although they didn’t identify which ones might be vulnerable.

Even if PJM Interconnection, the regional transmission organization to which FirstEnergy belongs, decides that FirstEnergy must build a plant or keep one of the six plants open to protect the grid, the decision still won’t save all of the jobs.

The feds have to find a way to make achieving clean air hurt a lot less.”

— editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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