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Coal power plants may be razed or sold once closed

American Electric Power plans to raze the Picway power plant near Lockbourne and two others in Ohio after closing them.

COLUMBUS — “The shutdowns will eliminate toxic compounds, including mercury, along with pollutants that cause smog and soot. But what will become of these plants after the lights go out?

There are other environmental hazards at coal-fired plants, including asbestos, contaminated soil in coal yards, ash lagoons and landfills, and even old transformers filled with PCBs.

‘There’s going to be issues with groundwater contamination,’ said Nachy Kanfer, a deputy director for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, which supported the clean air regulations.

‘One of our problems is we don’t know everything that is at these sites.’

The ultimate fate of these plants is something that power companies and Ohio officials say they are just now starting to address. ”

— Spencer Hunt, Columbus Dispatch

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