Fixed Rate Hikes

Concerned citizens sound-off on proposed Vectren rate increase

DAYTON — “The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio held a public hearing Thursday night in Dayton as Vectren proposes a rate increase.

Officials say they were there to listen to customer concerns about the proposal, which would increase gas distribution rates and implement alternative plans.

Those in opposition say the claim hike unfairly punishes those who use low amounts, like low-income housing or people with fixed incomes.

‘It’s going to be a big hit for people and it’s going to be a big hit for some people who are already going to have to adjust to an increased fixed rate hike from their DP&L bill on the electric side,’ says Executive Director of Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund Melissa English. ‘It’s pretty rare that someone asks you permission to raise your bill, that’s kind of what’s happening here, and I would encourage people to speak out against it.'”


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