Conservationists get a seat at Ohio River pollution discussions

The Ohio River. photo: Firesign / Creative Commons

The Ohio River. photo: Firesign / Creative Commons

CINCINNATI — “Conservation and environmental groups will now have a formal seat at the table when regulators meet to review water quality issues and standards for the Ohio River – a status enjoyed by the power industry and other groups for years.

Last month the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) agreed to formation of the new Watershed Organizations Advisory Committee. The move was a response to a June 2015 petition from 17 groups.

Although the groups had been submitting comments and participating informally, formal status comes with a nonvoting seat at technical committee meetings, a closer opportunity to participate with various working committees, and an opportunity to report at ORSANCO’s board meetings.

‘In the entire 68-year history of ORSANCO, there has never before been an official seat at the table for watershed and wildlife advocacy organizations,’ noted Judy Petersen of the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, who chairs the new committee.”

— Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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