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Consumers’ Counsel says FE rates illegal, asks Supreme Court to toss them out

FirstEnergy had a rough first three quarters in 2015, but finished the year, overall strong. (Courtesy of FirstEnergy)

COLUMBUS — “Consumers who thought federal authorities had saved them from a FirstEnergy surcharge to subsidize two of the company’s old power plants should think again, says the state’s consumer watchdog.

The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel points out in an appeal it filed with the Ohio Supreme Court this week that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has already approved the surcharge mechanism, called a ‘rate rider,’ to collect what the company has referred to as ‘a stability charge.’

The PUCO approved the rider in May but left it blank because it had not approved the overall rate plan, a plan still not approved and so contested during the past 25 months that it has drawn national attention.

…What this means for customers is that whenever the PUCO does approve a final plan, the company will immediately begin collecting a surcharge — and keep collecting it while opponents appeal the case as many of them have vowed.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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