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Controversial hazardous-waste incinerator to pay fine for ash cloud

wti-heritageEAST LIVERPOOL — “Under the settlement, Heritage will pay the Ohio EPA $34,000 for the 761 pounds of ash that spewed into the surrounding area. The company also is required to make changes to prevent future problems at the facility, located about 175 miles east of Columbus along the Ohio River.

Heritage said in a statement that it has invested in ‘enhanced procedures that further ensure safety and compliance.’

One person who lives near the incinerator called the settlement ‘a joke.’

‘It’s a disgrace, it’s an absolute insult,’ said Mike Walton, an East Liverpool resident who has fought the incinerator for years. ‘What about the people (here)? What do they get? Do they get money to help them five years down the road when there’s suddenly a spark of cancer in their lungs?’

The east end neighborhood of East Liverpool caught the brunt of the ash cloud. About 14 percent of the residents there are unemployed and 12 percent earn less than $10,000 a year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Heritage hired a contractor to perform tests after the incident and sent the results to state health officials along with risk assessments.”

— Laura Arenschield, Columbus Dispatch

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