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Council makes signage changes, hears plan for public meeting

Galion Council listens to input from City Building Inspector Matt Ross.

GALION — “The tensest exchange of the evening came during the Finance Committee report, which was shared by Committee Chairwoman Roberta Wade. Wade began by telling Council that the requested analysis of electric rates made several weeks ago to Belinda Miller, local representative of the Ohio Auditor’s Office that provides oversight to Galion during its fiscal emergency, was not due to be completed until August. She also said that Miller was also unwilling to be involved in a community meeting setting until Council had a clearer understanding of Galion’s electrical rates and investment situation.

With that in mind, Wade then suggested that the next Finance Committee meeting be held as a ‘public meeting,’ with an invitation extended to Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director of Ohio Citizen Action, to enlighten Council and citizens on the City’s total electricity picture. According to Wade, the official has a ‘wealth of information’ to share on the subject.

At this point, Council President and Committee Member Gail Baldinger began questioning Wade about this course of action. He first inquired as to cost, to which Wade replied that Buchanan would appear at no cost. Baldinger then asked the reason for a ‘community meeting,’ and not simply a ‘public meeting,’ such as those regularly held by the Finance Committee. Wade shared that the two are actually a distinction without a difference, but that the Council room venue would likely be too small for such a meting.”

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