Curb on door-to-door soliciting spurs lawsuit

A nonprofit group challenges ban on calls after 6 p.m.

ENGLEWOOD — “Ohio Citizen Action, which strives to boost awareness of environmental and other topical issues, has been in court with Englewood since 2005 regarding the ordinance. Executive Director Sandy Buchanan said the ordinance is prohibiting the group from doing work they have done for the last 36 years.

‘Most communities never have a problem. Communities let us go until about nine o’clock, which is pretty much the accepted time for many things,’ Buchanan said. ‘Every once in a while we encounter a community in Ohio who has passed a local ordinance that severely restricts door-to-door canvassing.’

Englewood, according to Buchanan, is one of those communities. Ohio Citizen Action’s main objection to the current ordinance is the curfew. ‘(Nonprofits) would be severely curtailed if they are told they can’t do that after six o’clock at night, because that’s when people are at home,’ Buchanan said.

‘It would have an effect on us and all other nonprofits, political candidates, Girl Scouts and anybody who wants to enjoy freedom of speech in talking to their neighbors.

Ohio Citizen Action and the city of Englewood are awaiting a decision from the three-judge panel that heard the case. The decision, Smith said, could come ‘in a week or in a year.’”

— Drew Simon, Dayton Daily News

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