Dayton Power & Light / Fixed Rate Hikes

Customers sound off after proposed DP&L fee hike

DAYTON  — “Customers looking at the back of their Dayton Power and Light bill will a category listed as ‘delivery charges’.The customer charge listed there could triple under the utility’s company proposed fee hike.

During a public hearing on the hike, Carl Moser, a DP&L customer, spoke out against the hike.

‘I’m 67. I’m on a fixed income and I use very little electricity,’ Moser said.

The hike would impact customers no matter how much electricity they use.

‘It’s kind of regressive. The less money you have, the more you have to pay because the fixed rates are going up,’ Moser argues.

DP&L has asked the Public Utlities Commission of Ohio to allow them to increase their current customer charge from $4.25 to $14 a month, an increase of almost $10.The commission’s staff has instead recommended an increase to $8 instead. Commissioners are not bound to eigher figure. They can come up with their own number or reject the hike all together. ”

— Judith Retana, WDTN

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