Coal Ash / FirstEnergy

Damage mounting

CHESTER, WV — “I thought the public would like to know how First Energy’s Little Blue Coal Ash Impoundment is affecting the property on Doberman Road in Lawrenceville.

The water is coming down over the hillside and washing large ditches in my driveway. I have to put my truck in four wheel drive to get out of it. My son is handicapped, they brought his leg braces and tore the front end of their car up trying to get out of the driveway. If he would need medical help they would get in, but I don’t know if they would get out. It has all the trees leaning over my driveway. I’m just waiting to go out and the trees will be in my driveway or fall on my roof.

The water has come down over the hill and over my driveway onto the rest of my property. My backyard is very wet and it has went under my house and it is washing my home off of its foundation. I have mold in my house so great I can not sleep in my bedroom. I have to sleep in a chair, in the living room. Our clothes, boots and coats are covered in mold. The mold is getting to both of us and my dogs. I went to get my pots and pans to use and they had mold on them. The outside of my house and the building that I have stuff stored in is covered in mold. I went to clean my building out and my stuff had mold all over it.

That is just some of the damage that First Energy has done to my property by dumping Coal Ash in my backyard.”

— Peggy Byard, letter to the Editor, East Liverpool Review

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