Davis-Besse having problems with current reactor head

OAK HARBOR — “Only six years after putting Davis-Besse back in service, FirstEnergy Corp. is having problems with the reactor head it brought down from a mothballed nuclear plant in Midland, Mich., to replace the damaged lid had led to a worldwide probe of nuclear operations, including reforms nationally.

The replacement device, which had sat idle in Midland for more than 25 years, is made of an alloy being phased out in the nuclear industry. Even so, officials from FirstEnergy and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said when it was installed in 2002 that they expected at least 10-15 years of worry-free operation. Davis-Besse got 25 years out of its original reactor head, although investigators learned problems may have been ignored or undetected for at least the last six years that device was used.”

— Tom Henry, Toledo Blade

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