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Davis-Besse shut down for refueling

The FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. has shutdown the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant east of Toledo for refueling and maintenance, probably the last refueling as a FirstEnergy power plant.

CLEVELAND — “The FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. has shut down the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor for refueling.

The company said Monday it would replace about a third of the reactor’s 177 fuel rod assemblies and do other routine inspection and preventive maintenance of the power plant’s major components.

More than 1,000 contractors will assist Davis-Besse’s 700 employees in the refueling and maintenance.

The refueling is occurring even as FirstEnergy Corp. has made it clear that it is moving to become a delivery-only company in most of the states where it operates and may spin off FirstEnergy Solutions, the subsidiary that legally owns Davis-Besse.

FirstEnergy has told state and federal lawmakers and policy makers that its old nuclear plants and coal plants cannot compete effectively against modern gas turbines and wind farms under the market rules created by PJM Interconnection, the non-profit company that manages the bulk power high-voltage grid in Ohio and 12 other states.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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