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Davis-Besse’s future coming down to the wire

Davis-Besse photo by NRC

CARROLL TOWNSHIP — “Neil Waggoner, a campaign representative for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign in Ohio, described the draft legislation as a “farce.”

He said in an email Friday that it would it force Ohioans to pay more each month on their electric bills to bail out old nuclear plants that are losing money now and will only continue to lose money in the future. It would also ‘effectively kill current programs that are driving money-saving energy efficiency investments and clean energy development,’ Waggoner added.

Waggoner called for a comprehensive energy agenda that ‘did not reward First Energy’s bad business decisions.’

Rep. Steve Arndt, R-Port Clinton, said Friday afternoon that no legislation specifically pertaining to Davis-Besse or Perry has been introduced in the House.

Arndt said he was not aware of any legislation like the draft bill obtained by the Energy News Network.

The state representative noted there are historical examples of coal and natural gas plants closing in Ohio without legislative assistance or financial intervention by the state.

He said legislators were talking about forward-looking legislation that looked at a comprehensive, long-term energy policy for the state, with it likely to be introduced within the next two weeks.”

— Daniel Carson, Fremont News-Messenger

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