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Don’t make Ohio’s energy fumble

kasich-vetoDETROIT — “Ohio made a bad call last spring when Gov. John Kasich and Ohio’s General Assembly froze the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. The move undeniably shackled the state’s clean energy economy. Now, more than a year later, Kasich has drastically changed his tune, calling a continued freeze “unacceptable.”

Why did Kasich have a change of heart? Because he’s witnessed firsthand that freezing Ohio’s energy standards has halted economic investment in renewable energy sources, and hurt businesses and families who rely on affordable and clean power.

Michigan is at a similar crossroads — only this time the standards won’t be frozen, they’ll be eliminated.

Bills pending in the House and Senate take a page from Ohio’s failed playbook by proposing to dismantle the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards that have saved Michiganders billions of dollars in efficiency investments alone.”

Ariana Gonzalez, energy policy analyst for Michigan at the Natural Resources Defense Council, guest column, Detroit Free Press

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