Coal / Ohio Utility Bailouts

Don’t subsidize coal, Consumers’ Counsel, NOPEC, AARP, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association tell lawmakers

The Kyger Creek power plant in Cheshire, Ohio, on the Ohio River began operating in 1955 to make power for a uranium enrichment plant in Piketon, Ohio. Since 2003, the plant, which is owned by a company created by other electric utilities, has been selling its power either into wholesale markets or sending it to its member companies. Now the plant is facing competition from natural gas turbine power plants, which can make electricity at a lower cost (Credit: Ohio Valley Electric Corp).

CLEVELAND — “Ohio lawmakers and opponents of controversial ‘fast-tracked’ legislation designed to shift the costs of two 62-year-old coal power plants to consumers are heading for a showdown this week.

Two bills, which have been moving through both the House and Senate utilities committees, were to be voted out of committee this week and set for passage next week, before lawmakers break for the summer. That plan appears to have been derailed.

At stake, say opponents, are billions of dollars in extra charges on customer bills extending to 2040, or even beyond when customers would have to pay for demolition and cleanup costs of the old power plants, which were built in 1955 solely for a nuclear weapons program.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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