Dayton Power & Light

DP&L criticized for bonuses, expenses paid from customer revenue

DAYTON — “Dayton Power and Light has been criticized for paying employee bonuses and even having ‘meals, snacks and drinks’ during employee meetings with money that Public Utilities Commission of Ohio staff said came from revenue generated from riders or bills charged to customers.

‘(PUCO) staff believes that having meetings over lunch at local restaurants or bringing food, drinks and snacks into the office for meetings does not meet’ a standard for ‘reasonable business expenses,’ PUCO staff wrote in an audit report released Wednesday.

Riders are parts of customers bills, sometimes charged to customers for special purposes. In this case, staff reviewed costs associated with “energy efficiency” riders.

…n total, staff recommended removal of $340,379 from DP&L riders that were charged for two time periods, one from September 2014 through August 2015, and a second for April through December 2016.”

— Tom Gnau, Dayton Daily News

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