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DPL settlement will raise monthly rates, keep headquarters in Dayton

DAYTON — “Dayton Power and Light Company has agreed to a settlement in its electric security plan proposal, that if approved, will increase customers monthly bills and calls for the company to close two coal-powered plants on the Ohio River.

DP&L announced in a statement Monday that a settlement with nine intervening parties has been filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, which regulates Ohio utility providers.

‘The parties agreed to a six-year settlement, which includes components that will strengthen DP&L’s infrastructure, end its ownership in 2,093 MW of coal-fired generation and integrate renewable generation,’ the company said in a statement.

For consumers using 1,000 kilowatt hours, it means their monthly bill will go up $2.39, according to DP&L. One kilowatt-hour is about enough to watch TV for 10 hours or run a vacuum cleaner for an hour.”

— Rich Gillette, Dayton Daily News

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