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Draft environmental report for Lake Erie offshore wind project is promising

Photo by: Erik Droust / Creative Commons

CLEVELAND — “A draft Department of Energy report shows mainly minor or negligible short-term impacts from a plan to construct and operate six wind turbines approximately eight miles offshore of Cleveland.

…Once built, Project Icebreaker should produce about 20.7 megawatts of electricity, which is enough for about 7,000 homes. Electricity from the line of six turbines will flow through a cable under the lake bed to a Cleveland Public Power substation.

Although Project Icebreaker is just six turbines, its goal is not just to produce some electricity, but to demonstrate the feasibility of offshore wind power in Lake Erie. Ultimately, proponents hope lake-based wind could provide a significant amount of electricity, particularly in Lake Erie’s central and eastern basins. Construction of new land-based wind farms in Ohio has been largely stymied by a 2014 law that tripled the previous property line setbacks.”

— Kathianne Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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