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Earthjustice report exposes top 20 polluting industrial power plants in Ohio

CINCINNATI —  Today, Earthjustice released a new report, revealing the Top 20 biggest polluters from among all Industrial Power Plants in Ohio. An industrial power plant, unlike a utility power plant, provides electricity to a plant, rather than to the grid for sale to electricity customers.
In February, 2011, under a court-ordered deadline, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued Clean Air Act emission standards for industrial power plants. In December, 2011, EPA issued a revised proposal and plans to finalize an updated standard by mid-2012. These standards will bring Industrial Power Plants into Clean Air Act compliance like any other power plant, saving thousands of lives each year and preventing widespread sickness, suffering and premature death, especially in communities that need the help most.
ArcelorMittal Steel in Cleveland, Ohio is the top Industrial Power Plant polluter in Ohio according to the report.
Some Industrial Power Plants in Ohio, such as Duke Energy Ohio’s Zimmer coal plant in Moscow, Ohio and American Electric Power’s Gavin Plant in Cheshire, Ohio provide energy to the plant that is separate from the electricity sold on the grid. In this case, those coal plants would have to comply with the new Industrial Power Plant regulations as well as the separate regulations for utilities who sell power to the grid.
— Rachael Belz, Coal Program Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action
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