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Editorial: Don’t pass nuclear bailout without plan for renewable energy

“As The Dispatch already has opined, the nuclear bailout could be palatable, given the plants’ economic importance and the fact that they produce 90% of all Ohio clean energy, if HB 6 truly were the ‘clean energy’ measure its sponsors touted. They said the 50-cents-per-month fee paid by each customer would create a ‘Clean Air Program’ with funds available to any producer of clean power.

A fund truly available to accelerate the development of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources in Ohio would be a smart investment and could benefit everyone with lower carbon emissions and jobs in growing industries.

But the House actually made HB 6 hostile to renewable energy by making the Clean Air Program off-limits to most wind and solar producers, eliminating a program to help fund renewable-energy projects and tightening already-excessive restrictions on wind power development.

For good measure, it would give some of the ‘Clean Air’ money to two coal plants.

FirstEnergy says if a bailout isn’t approved by next Tuesday it won’t start the process for buying new nuclear fuel and a shutdown will be unavoidable.”

Editorial, The Columbus Dispatch

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