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Editorial: Energy bailout bill needs Senate changes to truly be clean

“Moving to renewable energy is essential to reducing the effects of climate change, but the standards have done more than just that. A Public Utilities Commission of Ohio report says the energy efficiency standard alone has saved $5.1 billion on Ohioans’ electric bills, and a recent report by the economy and environment advocacy group E2 said Ohio has more than 112,000 clean energy jobs, nearly 5,000 of which were added in 2018.

HB 6 in its original form would have made the monthly surcharge for renewable energy projects optional, which was bad enough. The version that passed is much worse: The 2008 renewable energy mandates are gone, and most wind and solar projects are ineligible for Clean Air Fund credits. The bill would further hamstring wind power, already hampered by unreasonable setback requirements for wind turbines, by giving local townships the ability to overturn approval of new wind projects via popular vote in a ballot referendum.

While other states are surging ahead with programs to encourage the clean energy industries of the future, Ohio’s lawmakers seem irrationally intent on strangling the future in its cradle.”

— Editorial Board, The Columbus Dispatch

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