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Editorial: Ohio needs a certain commitment to clean energy

AKRON — “Preferably, that would mean something equivalent to the standards in place, or at least close. It matters less about the precise deadline or percentage than setting a mark that spurs investment, leading to economic activity and jobs.

That, essentially, is the message of a recent letter to legislative leaders from companies, including Dow Chemical, the Cleveland Clinic, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson Controls, Nestle and United Technologies. General Motors appears on a path to operating its plants in Indiana and Ohio entirely with renewable energy by year’s end.

Two weeks ago, a similar coalition led by businesses released “Powering Ohio,” a report put together by Synapse Energy Economics and the Great Lakes Energy Institute at Case Western Reserve University. The study urges Ohio to create an environment in which clean energy would flourish, projecting the state could attract $25 billion in investment and add 20,000 jobs.

A key element in getting there is the commitment of public policymakers, state lawmakers with the job of embracing energy efficiency and renewable energy standards that work to the clear advantage of Ohioans.”

— editorial, Akron Beacon Journal

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