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Editorial: Reject this pitch for corporate welfare

TOLEDO — “FirstEnergy thinks that the nuclear power created at its Davis-Besse and Perry plants is so valuable to Ohio energy customers that they should pay a 5-percent hike in their power bills to support them.

In the state Senate, a bill introduced by Republicans John Eklund of Geauga County and Frank LaRose of Summit County, would create ‘zero-emissions credits’ for FirstEnergy’s nuclear plants.

Proponents have argued the credits reward FirstEnergy for producing power that doesn’t create any greenhouse gases.

This is a good thing, but keep in mind that the Ohio House is simultaneously trying to roll back Gov. John Kasich’s green-energy mandates that would set standards for Ohio power producers to get increasingly more energy each year from green sources such as wind and solar — neither of which produces greenhouse gases or nuclear waste.

This nuclear bailout bill would force a rate hike that only serves to artificially support one source of electricity in Ohio to the detriment of other energy sources.”

— editorial, Toledo Blade

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