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Editorial: The Trump administration’s coal bailout

NEW YORK, NY — “Federal energy regulators will soon vote on a ham-fisted Trump administration proposal to subsidize coal-fired power plants. This plan could cost families and businesses billions of dollars in higher electricity prices for no discernible public benefit.

The measure in question comes from the energy secretary, Rick Perry, and amounts to a devious and reckless attempt to prop up coal-fired plants, which have been shutting down in recent years because they cannot compete against cheaper and cleaner natural gas plants and renewable sources of energy like wind and solar.

Mr. Perry’s plan would provide what amounts to a bonus for power plants with at least a 90-day supply of fuel on site, which he says will make the electrical grid more reliable. Coal and nuclear power plants are the only ones that fit that description, because natural gas plants are supplied by pipeline and wind and solar require no fuel. But it is clear that the primary aim here is to bolster the coal industry, which President Trump embraced unreservedly on the campaign trail and whose moguls embraced him right back.”

— editorial, New York Times

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