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Editorial: Wind farm rule a set back to Ohio growth

LIMA — “Access to renewable energy needs to be a part of Ohio’s portfolio when it comes to job creation.

There’s too much to lose if it doesn’t happen.

…At issue is Ohio’s setback rule for wind turbines, which companies call too restrictive, but rural farm owners praise.

It requires any new wind turbines to be set back at least a quarter-mile from the nearest property line. The rule was negotiated three years ago by opponents of wind farms. For them, it’s a matter of saving the value of their property. They look at the miles of white turbines that have surrounded homes in the Van Wert/Paulding area and fear their property could be swallowed next by turbines that measure nearly 500 feet in height and are five times taller than any farm silo or building in nearby Lima or Fort Wayne.

Their ability to negotiate the setback already has its costly consequences.”

— editorial, Lima News

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