Ohio Citizen Action

Englewood sets 6 p.m. curfew on door-to-door solicitors

U.S. District Judge Walter H. Rice (Teesha McClam/Dayton Daily News)

A nonprofit group says it violates free speech

ENGLEWOOD — “A federal judge says you have the right to eat your dinner without interruption from those going door-to-door attempting to sell you something.

But that ruling, which is being appealed, has touched a nerve among those who say it violates the First Amendment right of free speech…

Rice’s decision to uphold the curfew, however, does impact Ohio Citizen Action. Halting door-to-door solicitations at 6 p.m. makes it impossible to continue its political and environmental mission, according to attorney Ed Icove

‘We would no longer be able to exist,’ said Icove. ‘We have to be able to see people, but the people who live there are at work.’”

— Doug Page, Dayton Daily News

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