Cleveland Incinerator

Environmental groups host forum to promote recycling and composting

CLEVELAND — “To capitalize on the renewed interest in recycling and composting generated by the public meetings earlier this year, environmental groups are now pressing the city to develop a more comprehensive plan. Ohio Citizen Action, Earthday Coalition and other groups have organized the Cleveland Composting and Recycling Forum on Saturday, June 2nd at the downtown YMCA.

‘Clevelanders have said loud and clear that they want stronger recycling programs,’ commented Chris Trepal, Executive Director of Earth Day Coalition, in a news release. ‘The urban gardening and local food community in Cleveland creates hundreds of opportunities for the productive use of compost.’

‘We’re hoping to bring in good ideas from other cities,’ adds Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director of Ohio Citizen Action, who says that the local and national speakers attending the event will provide a litany of successful models.”

— Lee Chilcote, Freshwater Cleveland

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