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Eramet Marietta study shows correlation between manganese and low IQ in children


MARIETTA — A research study published today in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal, concluded that both low and high manganese concentrations in the blood and hair of school aged children were, “negatively associated with child IQ scores.” Dr. Erin Haynes, Associate Professor of Epidemiology  of the University of Cincinnati Department of Medicine led the 5-year study after being made aware of Marietta’s citizens’ manganese exposure through Ohio Citizen Action’s  good neighbor campaign. Previous studies on manganese exposure had focused on welders and others with workplace exposure to the metal which is vital for brain growth and development when absorbed from food, yet toxic to the nervous system when absorbed through the lungs. This study is the first to look at children’s exposures. Eramet Marietta is the oldest manganese refinery in the nation, making Marietta a natural laboratory for studying human exposure.

– Melissa K. English, Development Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

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