Fernald – From nuclear weapons production site to nature preserve

Lisa Crawford explains how her group FRESH fought to make the preserve a reality.

Mike Koscielak learns about "Duck and Cover" in an exhibit of a 1950s living room.

Sue Walpole hits the highlights of the Fernald site's history.

Sue Walpole shares photographs of Fernald from 1938, 1952, 1992 and the present.

FERNALD PRESERVE — Ohio Citizen Action canvassers toured the site of a nuclear weapons production facility that’s been reclaimed by the community as a nature preserve. Their guides, Lisa Crawford of Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health, and Sue Walpole of Flour Fernald, both have over 20 years experience with the site, which once enriched uranium for nuclear bombs. “This is the best possible outcome,” said Lisa Crawford of the site, which now is home to quail, ducks and otters. The visitor center is also one of Ohio’s best examples of environmentally friendly building and design. Canvassers were especially impressed by the wastewater treatment system of wetlands and solar powered pumps and the many building features made from recycled materials.

Melissa K. English, Development Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Lisa Crawford was awarded The Ohio Citizen Action Howard M. Metzenbaum Award in 1996. We are now accepting nominations for this year’s award.