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FirstEnergy CEO says bill is no bailout

Perry Nuclear Power Station as seen from Headlands State Park, Mentor, Ohio (Credit: Wainstead/Public Domain)

COLUMBUS — “FirstEnergy’s president on Tuesday urged lawmakers to require consumers to pay more to keep the lights on at its two struggling nuclear power plants, or permanently risk losing a reliable and valuable source of electricity.

Chuck Jones dismissed suggestions that House Bill 178 and its companion Senate Bill 128 represent a bailout for the Akron-based utility and its subsidiary’s Davis-Besse plant east of Toledo and Perry plant near Cleveland.

‘Ohio cannot afford to continue heading down a path that could lead to less fuel-diverse and fewer homegrown energy resources, more energy imports, fewer jobs, and less economic growth — not to mention more volatile electricity prices for our customers and your constituents,’ he told the House Public Utilities Committee.

Mr. Jones said customers’ bills could increase by as much as $5 a month, but that would still be $3-a-month less than they were paying in June, 2015. It could mean about $300 million more a year for FirstEnergy Solutions, owner of the two nuclear plants.”

— Jim Provance, Toledo Blade

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