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FirstEnergy, citing impact of environmental regulations, will retire six coal-fired power plants

Plants Located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland

AKRON — “FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE) announced today that its generation subsidiaries will retire six older coal-fired power plants located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland by September 1, 2012.  The decision to close the plants is based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which were recently finalized, and other environmental regulations.

The total capacity of the competitive plants that will be retired is 2,689 megawatts (MW).  Recently, these plants served mostly as peaking or intermediate facilities, generating, on average, approximately 10 percent of the electricity produced by the company over the past three years.

The following plants will be retired: Bay Shore Plant, Units 2-4, Oregon, Ohio; Eastlake Plant, Eastlake, Ohio;  Ashtabula Plant, Ashtabula, Ohio; Lake Shore Plant, Cleveland, Ohio; Armstrong Power Station, Adrian, Pa.; and R. Paul Smith Power Station, Williamsport, Md.”

…The plant retirements are subject to review for reliability impacts, if any, by PJM Interconnection, the regional transmission organization that controls the area where they are located.

FirstEnergy is finalizing MATS compliance plans for its remaining coal-fired units.  Since the Clean Air Act became law in 1970, FirstEnergy and its predecessor companies have invested more than $10 billion in environmental protection efforts.

Since 1990, FirstEnergy has reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides by more than 76 percent, sulfer dioxide by more than 86 percent and mercury by about 56 percent.  When the six coal-fired plants are removed from FirstEnergy’s competitive generating fleet, more than 96 percent of the power provided will come from resources that are non- or low-emitting, including nuclear, hydro, pumped-storage hydro, natural gas and scrubbed coal units. ”

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Statement by Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director, Ohio Citizen Action, on today’s First Energy announcement that it would close all four of its obsolete Lake Erie coal plants

“Today’s news is more than a victory for our campaign to convince FirstEnergy to close these plants. It is a milestone in a much much longer grassroots effort to pass the Clean Air Act back in 1970, and then to get it enforced.

This is especially gratifying for the tens of thousands of members of Ohio Citizen Action who have relentlessly pursued FirstEnergy since the late 1970’s.  We are looking forward to breathing cleaner air. “

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