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FirstEnergy Corp. to sell or close its nuclear plants

The Perry nuclear power plant east of Cleveland is one of four reactors that FirstEnergy is preparing to sell or shut down because atomic energy, once “too cheap to meter,” is often now more expensive that power generated by high-tech combined-cycle gas turbines. The FirstEnergy subsidiary which owns the power plants is today worth less than its combined long-term debt. (Credit: Plain Dealer file photo)

AKRON — “FirstEnergy made it clear Wednesday that it is leaving the competitive power plant business, closing or selling all of its plants, including its nuclear plants, by the middle of next year.

The sale of the nuclear plants to another company would have little immediate impact on customer bills.

Closing the plants, which would probably take several years, would also have little impact on customer bills or power supplies.

…Not all of FirstEnergy’s customers buy power from the local delivery companies. Customers who have signed power contracts with outside suppliers, some many states away, would not be affected if a nearby FirstEnergy Solutions plant were closed.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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