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FirstEnergy exec calls for ‘urgent aid’

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station cooling tower in July 2015 (Credit: Gregory Varnum, Creative Commons).

OAK HARBOR — “Calling warnings of the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant’s premature closure ‘real’ and the need for a bailout ‘urgent,’ FirstEnergy Corp.’s top nuclear official left little doubt Friday that Ottawa County’s largest employer is in trouble.

Sam Belcher, FirstEnergy’s chief nuclear officer, said the utility’s other nuclear plants — the Perry nuclear plant east of Cleveland and the twin-reactor Beaver Valley complex northwest of Pittsburgh — are likewise in danger of premature closing by the summer of 2018 unless a buyer emerges or the utility gets help from legislators in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

…The utility decided in December to give the situation another 18 months to play out.

Now, three months closer to that self-imposed deadline, nothing meaningful has been done to turn around the situation in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Mr. Belcher said.”

— Tom Henry, Toledo Blade

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