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FirstEnergy nuclear charges still before lawmakers, opponents fight earlier increases at Supreme Court

The Perry nuclear power plant would get a consumer-paid subsidy if a proposal by its owner FirstEnergy is approved by Ohio lawmakers. The company earlier lobbied the Trump administration to re-design regional wholesale power markets to give more money to companies with large coal and nuclear power plants, even if the power the generate is more costly than that of wind and gas turbine plants. The U.S. Department of Energy has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to consider the issue.(JOHN KUNTZ, The Plain Dealer )

CLEVELAND — “FirstEnergy’s legislative supporters have introduced a new bill in the Ohio House that would create special customer charges to subsidize the company’s nuclear power plants because they cannot compete with new ultra-efficient gas turbine power plants.

House Bill 381 would cost customers less than an earlier proposal — adding about $2.50 a month or $30 a year to consumer bills. That’s about half what the company originally asked for.

Commercial and industrial customers would have to pay an additional 5 percent on top of their monthly bill, or $3,500, whichever is lesser, under the new legislation.

The proposal would give the company about $180 million a year in money earmarked for Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants for the next 12 years. The company had sought $300 million a year for 16 years.

There is no provision in the bill to allow the company to carry over, or defer, charges into future years, which was a controversial part of the earlier legislation.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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