AEP / Dayton Power & Light / Duke Energy / Fixed Rate Hikes / Victory

Victory on fixed rate hikes

Thanks to the 22,765 people who filed official comments opposing Duke, AEP and DP&Ls proposed fixed rate hikes

In the fall of 2015, Ohio utilities began proposing increases in the fixed rate or “customer charge” of residential electric bills. This flat fee is a delivery charge that has nothing to do with how much energy people use. Ohio Citizen Action and its allies opposed these rate increases for the following reasons:

  • Ohioans already pay the 17th highest electric bills in the nation
  • The increase hurts low-income people most and limits their ability to control their bills
  • The increase discourages homeowners from investing in energy efficient appliances and upgrades by increasing the time it takes for those investments to pay off

Ohio’s big four utilities (AEP, Dayton Power & Light, Duke Energy and FirstEnergy) invested heavily in coal-fired power and refused to adapt to a rapidly changing energy landscape. Now they’re losing money and need new sources of revenue to prop up a failing business model built on outdated, inefficient and polluting coal plants. Ohio Citizen Action and our allies prevented them from getting outright bailouts for seven coal plants and the Davis-Besse nuclear plant in 2015 and 2016, so the fixed rate increase is their latest scheme to reach into customers’ pockets for what they need.

The good news is, resistance to these proposals is growing and now Ohioans have spoken out and won on their first two fixed rate cases at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Ohio Citizen Action field canvassers collected more than 7,000 official comments opposing the AEP and Duke rate increases, which would have raised bills by $120 and $192 per year, respectively. Ohio Citizen Action phone canvassers helped to turn out more than 280 people at hearings on these rate cases in Bucyrus, Marietta, Columbus and Cincinnati.

Our deepest thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in these campaigns.  Together we win!