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For DuPont and Chemours, millions ride on the word ‘among’

DuPont corporate headquarters | Credit: Mark Maketa/Getty Images

DuPont corporate headquarters (Mark Maketa/Getty Images)

CINCINNATI — “For DuPont Co. and its Chemours Co. spinoff, hundreds of millions of dollars hinge on the interpretation of the word ‘among.’

A Cincinnati appeals court heard arguments Friday that will affect the fate of thousands of lawsuits by people who drank water contaminated with a Teflon ingredient called C-8, or PFOA, from DuPont’s Parkersburg, West Virginia, plant.

Other companies exposed to consumer lawsuits also have millions riding on the verdict, industry groups say.

The appeal could be a critical turning point in a legal battle that has already stretched on for 15 years. DuPont is seeking to re-open a dispute that both sides thought was resolved by a 2004 settlement. The pact created a science panel to study 80,000 residents and set parameters for who could sue DuPont and for what ailments — kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, hypercholesterolemia, and pregnancy-induced hypertension.”

— Tiffany Kary, Bloomberg

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