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Gas, wind, solar join to oppose Department of Energy’s proposal to save coal, nuclear plants

CLEVELAND — ” A Trump administration plan forcing wholesale electric markets to buy from FirstEnergy and other traditional power companies at above-market prices would violate federal law, destroy competition and lead to much-higher customer prices, contends a group of 20 trade groups representing natural gas, wind and solar power industries.

…The trade groups counter that there is just no evidence that allowing the old plants to shut down and retire would in any way weaken the reliability of the high-voltage grid, echoing an earlier PJM analysis that the grid it manages in Ohio and 12 other states would be fine if 86 percent of the power came from gas turbines.

The trade groups also argue that it will be sophisticated technology and massive energy storage — not old power plants — that will add resiliency to the grid, giving PJM and other regional transmission organizations abilities to deal instantly with downed power lines and power-plant failures.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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