Hydraulic Fracturing

Gov. Kasich on fracking in State of the State speech

STEUBENVILLE — “Natural gas, fracking. People are getting it in the state. We’ve been working on this for, well, before I was even sworn in. You cannot degrade the environment at the same time you’re producing this industry. It is not acceptable. And it’s not a false choice. The biggest companies know that you need to have tough environmental rules. They can’t be complicated. They can’t be over the top, but we need to have them because we can’t have some yahoo come into the state and damage this whole industry because they’re irresponsible.

So the biggest companies understand that we need to take care of things like high pressure pipelines. We don’t want to have a high pressure pipeline explosion in our state. We have to take care of the gathering lines. We have to make sure that the well head is not going to contribute to contamination of the groundwater. I mean, we have to do all of these things. But we cannot let our fears outweigh the potential. I’m always concerned about talking about the potential. Because the people in the Mahoning Valley, the people in Steubenville, the people in southern Ohio—how many promises have they heard that have only been shattered, okay? So let’s take our time. We’ve only had 36 wells drilled, but the good news is it looks pretty good, looks pretty good. Billions of dollars’ worth of investment in this state—that’s all good, as well. And we have much work to do.”

— Ohio Governor John Kasich, 2012 State of the State speech, February 7, 2012

2012 State of the State Address Transcript