Group raises questions about Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s connection to polluting industries

Governor Mike DeWine

article originally published June 2, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC  — “Several times now, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has joined other Republican state attorneys general in suing the Obama administration in efforts to derail federal environmental rules.

At the same time, DeWine — a possible contender for Ohio governor in 2018 — has collected large campaign donations from coal companies, electric utilities and others pushing back against the environmental rules. So-called polluting industries and their employees have donated more than $335,000 to DeWine since 2010, according to data from the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

Does this put Ohio’s attorney general in the pocket of polluting industries?

The liberal group Americans United for Change says yes.

…Americans United say all that money, and the level of familiarity and information being exchanged, went beyond what was required for the attorney general to do his job.

‘When an attorney general chooses to serve as part of dirty energy’s unofficial defense team, who is left looking out for the public interests?’ said Americans United president Brad Woodhouse. ‘If you’re a public servant like DeWine and find yourself delivering ‘closed press’ speeches at Coal Association events while standing in the way of a plan that will save thousands of lives and leave millions of Americans less susceptible to air-pollution related illnesses like lung cancer to asthma attacks in children, maybe it’s time to consider a clean break from your dirty energy friends.'”

— Stephen Koff, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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