Baard Energy / Coal

Gubernatorial candidates — don’t spend our tax dollars on another dirty coal plant

John Kasich and Gov. Ted Strickland

COLUMBUS — 5,628 Ohio Citizen Action members and friends have written to Governor Ted Strickland and gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, urging them to discontinue using our tax dollars on the proposed Baard Energy coal refinery in Wellsville, in Columbiana County, Ohio.  The proposed refinery will burn 9.3 million tons of coal a year.  Columbiana County already fails to meet Ohio EPA standards for soot.  Though Baard Energy has not specified a source for their coal, the closest is West Virginia, where the worst of mountaintop removal coal mining is occurring.  Why would we want our tax dollars to go to another dirty coal refinery which could increase the demand for mountaintop removal coal?  Meanwhile, essential state services are being cut.

Next, Ohio Citizen Action members and friends will be sending letters to Ohio Senate President Bill Harris and Ohio House Speaker Armond Budish, both of whom have the final say in where our tax dollars are spent.

Kate Russell, Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action