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Health study on East Liverpool kids

EAST LIVERPOOL — “An Ohio scientist is asking for help from families in East Liverpool and its surrounding areas for a pilot study that will determine health effects from manganese-emitting companies along the Ohio River.

Dr. Erin Haynes, an Environmental Health Scientist at the University of Cincinnati is fostering a partnership with the East Liverpool Health Board.

In a couple weeks she will begin a pilot study to determine the health effects from particles emitted from near-by companies.  ‘This is in response to questions about what is the exposure to manganese and other metals in children,’ Haynes said.

Dr. Haynes is looking for 30 to 100 kids ages 7, 8, and 9 from East Liverpool and surrounding areas.

‘They will give a small sample of blood and hair. we’ll measure those for metals and their families will receive all the information back.’ Haynes said.

Dr. Haynes is currently conducting a similar study in Marietta and was interested in East Liverpool after it was mentioned in an article in USA Today which looked at air quality around schools.”

— Jennifer Baligush, WFMJ Youngstown

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